Italy - including Islands

The delivery of your merchandise.

Your merchandise is generally delivered in 4-15 working, depending on the availability of the warehouse and depending on the delivery times of the courier, after the payment and delivered through SDA couriers with packaging track.

At the moment of the delivery, if the pack isn't intact or is blemish, it is necessary to notice it to the courier, sign the waybill and write "GOODS UNCHECKED", and, even more important, add one or more of the following motivation:

•damage package
•ruined wrap
•wet package
•package with a not original ribbon
•bashed package
•borken package
•missing good

It's important to preserve a copy of the waybill and notice us the fact at the e mail address or by telephone.
This will allow the client to seek legal protection if he will ever found a damage on his merchandise after opening it and it will allow us to obtain the insurance coverage.

For a better efficiency of the delivery service and to avoid unexpected problems, it is necessary for us to have contact number of the client to give at the courier.