The client, at the confirmation of his order, accepts unconditionally and he blinds over observing, during his communication with W.Esposti snc of Valter Esposti & C., the general conditions and payment conditions, declaring to have seen and accepted all the indications given, as norms before specified.

W.Esposti snc uncommitted with different conditions if not previously accorded.

• The General Conditions have to be examinated by the client on line in the web site www.w-esposti. com before the confirmation of their purchase
• The sending of the confirmation of the order entails the total knowledge and complete agreement with the General Conditions
• The client, once that he has concluded the online shopping process, has to print and preserve the general conditions of selling, already examinated and accepted, to completely satisfy the articles 3 and 4 of Dlgs n. 1851999

For any clarification or possible claim, W.Esposti can be contacted as you can see in the "Contacts" menu

This contract will be regulated by Italian law.
For any disagreement related to the validity, the interpretation or the execution of the contract, the territorial jurisdiction is of the judge of the consumer's place of residence or domicile, if located inside the Italian State territory.

1) For the article 5 DL 1851999, if the client is a private and he doesn't buy for his professional activity, so without a VAT registration number, he has the right to break the contract of buying for any reason, without the obligations of giving explanation and without penalties. (exluded situations expressed in point 3)
2) To exert (?) this right, the client has to ask the withdrawal within 14 work days from the delivery of the merchandise following the instructions at the end of the page.
3) The right of withdrawal is always submitted to the following conditions:
•the right is applicated only on the merchandise bought in his entirety; it is not possible to exerce the withdrawal on only a part of the merchandise bought.
•the merchandise can be withdrawal only if it is intact, not used and without use signs.  The merchandise has to be returned in his original packaging with all his parts.
•to evoid damages on the original packaging we recommended, when it is possible, to insert it in a second box; in any case should be evoided the application of labels or adhesive tape on the original packaging.
•Return fees must be paid by the client
•the shipping, until the written declaration of delivery from our storehouse, is under the complete responsibility of the client.
In case of damage of the packaging, the client will be advise within 5 days since the delivery to give him the possibility to report immediately the courier and obtain the refund (if it is insured); In this case the client will be able to withdraw the merchandise.
•we are not responsible for damage, theft or lost of merchandise returned that is not insured.
•at the returned, the merchandise will be examinated to evaluate the presence of damage or alteration not originated by the transport.
4) The right of withdrawal totally forfeit if the merchandise isn't entire (packaging and object) in this case:
• absence of the external and internal original packaging
•absence of elements of the merchandise
• damage of the merchandise that are not related with the transport

If thw right of withdrawal forfeits, we will return the merchandise to the client charging to him the delivery fees.


The merchandise bought through is subordinated to D.lgs 2.2.2002 n.24 (G.U. n.57, 8.3.2002), when it is applicable, on selling contracts, on warranties and on all the specific dispositions about civil code.
This warranty will be applied on merchandise with blemishes or malfunctionings that are not  appeared when the client decided to buy it, as long as the merchandise is used in the right way and with diligence, respecting its function as explained in the user's manual.
•It is impossible to apply this warranty in case of negligence and carelessness of the product, during its use or its maintenance.
The warranty is personal, so it will be applied only on the original buyer, being reserved only to a direct client and not to merchants or sellers.

•The potential malfunctioning has to be point out within 14 days after the delivery of the merchandise.
The written warning has to be attached by the client at the moment of the returning of the malfunctioning merchandise.
If the mmalfunctioning ually malfunctioning, to be replaced, it must contain all the accessories, the original packaging and all the documents received by the client.
The return of the malfunctioning merchandise without accessories, packaging or documents doesn't allow the substitution.
• For change merchandise delivery it to: W.Esposti snc di Valter Esposti & C.
via Manin 44b
30174 Mestre - VE
• W.Esposti has the possibility to confirm the presence of malfunctioning or blemishes observed by the client.
W.Esposti will change the merchandise only after this control.
•The change of the merchandise is possible only if in the packaging returned there are the following documents: number and date of the order, short description of the blemish found.